EMDR Therapy


When psychotherapists, psychiatrists, or school counselors who refer to me, or even former clients, meet someone who has gone through trauma, they often think of me. I am a certified practitioner of EMDR Therapy, an evidence-based modality that is used by veterans’ hospitals, trauma treatment centers, and thousands of therapists around the world. Trauma can encompass not only the commonly associated events of combat, accidents, injury, death of a loved one, sexual assault or other forms of violence,  and bullying, but also the accumulated pain of living with addicted, mentally ill, neglectful, or verbally abusive family members. Psychological trauma can be resistant to traditional talk therapy because of how our fight-or-flight system engages our physical body, which I why I have studied alternative methods to reach people with trauma in their personal history. If events in your past have a tendency to problematically insert themselves into your present, I have ways to help.  

For more information on EMDR Therapy, please go the website of the EMDR International Association. EMDRIA.org


Often an individual comes to psychotherapy because he or she is unhappy with some aspect of a relationship or perhaps with the lack of close connections. Humans are relational creatures, and when we are isolated or are arguing with our loved ones, we suffer. Every day I work with clients on issues such as loneliness, recovery from a romantic break up, relationship conflict, anxiety or confusion around social situations, and unhealthy relationship patterns. I believe that relationships provide a path for growth and that an important aspect of my job is to help people develop healthy, generative relationships with themselves, their families, and their communities. When we are able to connect genuinely with other people, we are healthier and happier. Relationship problems, then, are a wonderful reason to seek out psychotherapy.

Families & Couples

Family is where we experience our greatest joys and our deepest hurts. In my work with families, I seek to reduce conflict and strengthen connection. Everyone deserves to feel known, supported, and cherished within the structure of a family. Toward this end, I bring two decades of experience with clients of all ages in a variety of settings. I consider myself privileged when families invite me in to their private worlds. If yours is struggling or going through a transition, I hope you will consider calling me.

Family therapy may include providing guidance in the complicated and ever-changing job of parenting, meetings with a parent and child, or meetings with every member of a family unit. In our initial consultation, I will make an assessment of what structure would be most beneficial for your family.

Children & Adolescents

Approximately half of my practice is devoted to working with young people. I enjoy working with children and adolescents and find that, in most cases, they end up embracing therapy even if originally they were brought by a worried or frustrated parent, or referred by a pediatrician or school counselor. Sometimes the work is short-term, targeted toward a specific problem. Sometimes it is longer, supporting a young person’s healthy development as they grow. Good psychotherapy is a collaborative process no matter the age of the client, and clients are always included in the decisionmaking around the frequency and length of a course of therapy.